What is your skins Acid Mantle and why is pH balance so important for healthy skin?

Your skins’ acid mantle is a protective film that acts as an invisible barrier to keep moisture in and harmful stuff out. If you damage your acid mantle barrier, you face accelerated damage and aging.

How is the acid mantle protective barrier compromised?

When you deplete your acid mental barrier, you are more susceptible to irritants and future damage to your skin. Your skin is exposure to pollution and irritants invading your skin. Overusing certain products like exfoliates or harsh peels and face acids can damage the acid mantle throwing off your skin’s pH out of balance, leading to sensitivity, dryness, and accelerated aging.

How can you restore the delicate acid mantle barrier?

To preserve and strengthen the delicate acid mantle barrier doing less is more often the right thing to do. Do not over cleanse or over exfoliate your skin and be sure to nourish your skin with pH balanced formulas that have essential moisture building blocks to hydrate and replenish your barrier.

The Beau Brand features replenishing vegan collagen that replenishes lost barrier moisture helping to build up the depleted barrier, countering the skin damage and helping with antiaging, featured in Anti-aging essential firming and lifting moisturizer.

Keeping the best pH level is critical in keeping skin healthy and glowing. Incorrect pH levels lead to your skin being out of balance and could cause irritation, dryness, psoriasis, eczema, and accelerated aging. The Beau Brand Down-There essential body spray is formulated to keep the delicate pH down there in your privates healthy, so you feel cool and refreshed and stay that way. Who wants accelerated aging in the privates, yikes not anyone!