Men’s Skincare and Why You Need It

Men’s Skincare and Why You Need It

Did you know that Men have thicker skin?

Men having thicker skin might lead you to believe that you don’t really need to use facial skin care products. Having oilier skin with bigger pores literally opens the doors to more free radicals invading and damaging your skin. The reality is you need to care for your facial skin for the same reasons you need to care for your hair, your teeth, and your digestive system, because the lack of care accelerates the effects of aging on your skin.

Every time you shave, you are not just removing hair!

Every shave removes the top layer of skin, exposing you to external factors and skin sensitivity. Your skin is a living tissue and is vulnerable to harmful effects of air pollution, dietary habits, and the passage of time. Skin care products have a noticeable impact when used daily, they protect skin from oxidation, they boost blood circulation, and they are loaded with active ingredients like vitamins and fatty acids that nourish the skin. Well-nourished skin is healthy skin. It is vital for men to take care of their facial skin daily after shaving, if they want it to be healthy and look its best. Using moisturizer after shaving helps protect your skin and replaces lost moisture and soothes your skin’s sensitivity.

Skincare tips for men, what you can do to save your skin.

Daily care for your facial skin starts with using the right products that are made for facial skin. start with cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Stop using body wash on your face, you know who you are- use face wash made for men’s skin. Use a daily anti-aging moisturizer on clean skin, morning, and night. Moisturizer will protect, hydrate, and nourish your skin daily. Think of moisturizer as food and water for your skin. Use sunscreen daily paying attention to areas that are usually not protected like scalp, ears, and neck.